Add manager role

🛠 Planned

Currently, you can add admins or members. It would be helpful to add another layer: managers.

To clarify the roles even further, it should be:

  • Contributor (old member): adding posts, vote, comment
  • Manager: Bulk upload, manage roadmap, changelog, etc
  • Owner (old admin): Full admin privileges: customization, branding, etc

1 year ago

Yannick Guerdat

It makes clearly sense, to add this feature I agree.

Giving admin access for the community manager is clearly not the best idea.

It would even be better when we can select the Category the Manager has access on.

Like I can give a manager access for the Wish list to a few people of my company but I want to limit the access of the Roadmap tab.

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Ruben changed status to 🛠 Planned

1 year ago

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