Prevent anonymous users adding features

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We would like to be able to have our board public but require you are logged in to be able to add a feature.

11 months ago


You can now enable or disable the ability for anonymous users to post ideas 😄
Go to: Customize > Posting.

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8 months ago


It would also be great if you let the anonymous feature open but restrict it to certain groups. We are working with a lot of customers in ohter companies.
So it would be great to be able to only allow certain domains. When the user tries to submit a idea productlift will simply aks for the email adress and double checks the domain against the allowed domains.
The user must not sign in as we have the experience that this is a big hurdle but you can make sure to get only feedback from allowed domains.

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Wouldn't the user then just enter a different email? Also, if I would be your user, I would be fed up with the process (spend time writing an idea, but then it get's not posted.)

In your situation I would recommend to the use the User acceptance feature which allow specific domains to pass through. See Customize > Security > User acceptance
What do you think?

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11 months ago


Thanks for your idea. This makes sense and can be picked up soon!

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