Vote on ideas without an account

🛠 Planned

It would be great to allow anonymous users to vote for ideas (configuration option). This can help increase adoption.

A cookie should save the ideas that are voted on. In case someone wants to become a user, then their votes are confirmed on those ideas.

1 year ago


How ProductLift currently works:
In ProductLift, users can create an account using their Social Media profiles (Facebook, Twitter, Google, and Github).

Also, you can automatically create an account for them using Single sign-on. If you use the sidebar or embed widget, people don't even see that it is outside your app/site.

At this moment, we require them to have an account, for multiple reasons:

  1. Fake voting / playing the system

  2. When you know who voted what, you can update them automatically if things change -> this helps get people more involved 😀

In the future we will provide a method to vote without an account but be aware about these risks.

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After the person writes the feedback, asking them to log in so they can send it, it makes the usability strange, not to mention that I was testing here for this roadmap, even when I tried my password for my account it gave an error, I had to create a new account , it is an experience that makes it difficult to finish for who already gave the feedback.

One way that might make it easier would be for the person to click to give feedback and first ask them to create an account or log in, and then they can give feedback or vote while already logged in.

My audience, for example, is older, in practice, I'm sure some will give feedback and close the page thinking it was sent without the feedback having been sent because they are logged in.

So it should be at least mandatory to ask for feedback before giving so that the person knows clearly that when they send the feedback, the feedback has actually been sent.

Another way is before someone give a feedback or vote, just put a name and e-mail to vote when someone is not logged in and dosent want to create a account.

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This would be very important for me...thanks!

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Rodrigo Martins

When will this feature be implemented. Is urgent. Very important. It's already open for 1 year.

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Naveen Bala

This is really a great feature as it can help to understand the viewpoint of large audiences.

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Yannick Guerdat

Because our community is limited to our members only, this feature has no interest for us, but I understand the need.

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This is useful for users who are too lazy to sign for an account..

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Went to vote on this and was prompted with an account signup box. How ironic.

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Ruben changed status to 🛠 Planned

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